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What do you mean, either or?
Build a healthy company ànd a build a better world.


Our services

what can we do for you?
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Setting up innovation processes

Innovation is a craft.
By setting up solid and proven

strategy, product and project management &

processes and tools

tailor-made for your company
accelerate innovation, reduce costs and maximize your impact.

Sustainable Strategy Consulting
Project management

Do you want to get started with innovation, CSRD and/or sustainability in your company?
but you don't know where to start or
you simply don't get to it due to
lack of capacity?
Do you have trouble moving from plan to action?

We will help you get started

and keep moving ahead.

Training of professionals

The pressure from the government, customers, NGOs and investors for sustainability will only increase.

Not complying with this will sooner or later put you out of the game.



3 reasons

why we recommend our customers
to give sustainability a permanent place in their business strategies

Our planet

How can we take our responsibility to leave a world that is livable for future generations?

Business opportunities

Business opportunities

By regarding waste as a raw material, you prepare yourself as a company for a
future where raw materials are becoming increasingly scarce.
Save mney and build tomorrows competitive advantage today.

License to operate

Pressure from the government, customers, NGOs and investors to woek i n a moire sustainable way is increasing rapidly 
Failure to comply with this will sooner or later put you out of action.

Bas Roelofs


Practical navigators to sustainable business

Sustar helps companies find and implement sustainable value propositions. We see sustainable
entrepreneurship not only as a necessity but also as an opportunity. Together with our customers we navigate step by step towards a circular economy.

​Our background as industrial designers helps us create sustainable opportunities without losing sight of business interests. Our knowledge and experience with both product development and marketing ensures that new ideas are actually introduced. And in turn contribute to growth and a better world.

Thomas van Daal

Joint experience


Years of experience in strategic marketing, product development and sustainable innovation


Companies we helped to develop and realize sustainable value propositions.



Not three but four pillars when designing a sustainable value proposition

'Design thinking' teaches us that every product and/or service (we call this the 'value proposition') leans on three pillars.
'Desirable' : there is a target group that needs what is offered.

'Feasible' : there are techniques, materials and people who can realize this.

'Viable' : An individual or an organization can and will realize the value proposition (and earn a healthy living from it).

If 1 of these 3 pillars is missing, a value proposition has no sustainable existence.
Given the ecological and social challenges we face today, three pillars prove insufficient for a sustainable company.
That is why we advocate and build value propositions to which we add a fourth pillar:

'Sustainable' : The world  is getting a little better -or at least not worse- from it.

As simple and logical as this sounds. Reality is often complex and unruly. Virtually all rules and KPIs that we know today facilitate and value the three existing pillars. So how do we build value propositions that include the fourth pillar?

4 pillarsv3.png
The value hill

Step by step approach

This is where our experience in the field of innovation and design thinking comes in handy: Together with you, your team and where necessary external specialists or 'stakeholders', we analyze opportunities, using our toolbox packed with proven tools, which we convert into concrete plans.
No grand high-over views or vistas.
Step by step, with our eyes on the future, but with our feet firmly on the ground, we are navigating towards sustainable business.



“Thanks to a short but inspiring workshop by Sustar, the team quickly saw how sustainability can offer opportunities for Ambiance”

Frank van de Linden

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